The figures for the Brazilian IT market

The figures for the Brazilian IT market

The Brazilian IT market is fertile ground for growth and development. In recent years, before the pandemic, it had been performing well. The room to evolve has always been there. In 2021, after an extremely turbulent year, the promise is of a recovery.

And it will be necessary to invest in more professionals if companies are to keep pace. There are (literally) millions of vacancies – as we’ll see below.

The solution? Investing in qualifications, as well as eliminating issues such as intolerance of gender and age diversity, which causes great harm to the market.

In this article, we’ll take you through an overview of the Brazilian IT market. Figures, the impact of the pandemic on the sector’s growth and GDP, as well as the situation of vacancies in 2021.

How about sticking with us to learn all about the data and research forecasts for the IT sector in 2021?

The Brazilian IT Market and its Impact on the Brazilian Economy

According to the 2019 ICT Sector Report, released by Brasscom in April 2020, the Brazilian IT market continues to grow, even amid adversity. The report covers 2019 but relies on 2020 data for its finalization.

The study shows a nominal growth of 3.3% for the ICT sector compared to the previous year of the study (2018). The domestic market alone was responsible for more than R$183 billion in turnover.

The services area accounted for R$73.8 billion of this total and the cloud services segment showed growth of 37% in 2019. On its own, the ICT segment represents around 6.8% of the national GDP, a considerable slice – but with high growth potential.

And with the pandemic, what do these figures look like?

The impact of the pandemic is still uncertain, as studies are still being carried out to understand how the worldwide spread of the coronavirus has affected the market.

However, it is possible to get an idea.

According to the study by technology consultancy IDC, entitled “IDC WW Covid-19 – Impact on IT Spending Survey“, the scenario can be seen as promising.

For IDC, Brazil is on the road to recovery.

In June, 48% of companies were in crisis. In September, this figure dropped to 14% and the number of companies that intend to maintain or expand their IT investments is significant, showing a positive market outlook. In addition, 425 of the companies said that the budget for IT investments will be higher in 2021.

For IDC, IT infrastructure will come into focus and services such as the cloud will gain even more traction. According to the study, cloud, security, and analytics will attract more investment this year.

The investment forecast for 2021, before the pandemic broke out, was 9% more. Now, according to IDC, it’s 6.8%. In other words, a decrease, but still a growth scenario.

The increase in vacancies in the Brazilian IT market

One symptom of the pre-covid IT market is still very much present: the number of open positions. There are around 1.56 million vacancies.

Even during the peak of the pandemic, data from the Sector Report pointed to an increase of 1.18% in vacancies. This corresponds to 14,000 job openings in the middle of the crisis.

It’s a large and wide-ranging demand, which concerns practically the entire Brazilian ICT segment.

This includes professionals in maintenance, programming, development, security, data analysis, telecommunications, engineers, and many others.

However, while on the one hand there is demand, on the other companies themselves must recycle some of their concepts and behaviors. That’s why we’re seeing an intense effort in internal qualification, seeking to promote gender equality and the fight against prejudices of all kinds.

This is the case with innovative companies such as Parafernália, which has an inclusive organizational culture that seeks to engage and unite its team, in addition to training them.

The Brazilian IT market and the demand for qualified professionals

Despite high demand, the Brazilian IT market still requires qualified professionals. After all, this is an extremely technical sector. That’s why it’s necessary not only to enjoy working in the area but also to actively seek academic and professional qualifications.

Several companies have grown out of necessity during the crisis.

Application and software developers, as well as health techs and edtechs, are some of the prominent examples in the Brazilian IT market.

Among the areas that are most needed are programming and development, but also software engineering and UX/UI design.

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The figures for the Brazilian IT market