CTO as a Service

The ideal solution for startups struggling to build their IT team.

Providing a technology team ready and able to help develop or scale a solution to make it better and more robust. This is the concept behind CTO as a Service, an essential solution for startups and companies that want to grow strategically through their IT applications, using the benefits of Parafernália's expertise.

You will have a complete technology team, including the presence of a technical leader for your project. We are able to put together a team that will understand and promptly meet your company's business needs, delivering the perfect solution!

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Who is this solution suitable for?

For early-stage startups that need to develop a product
Companies that have an idea, but don't have the technical capacity to develop it, nor the network necessary to set up teams that deliver the desired result.
For the development or improvement of internal products that will bring innovation to leverage business areas and generate revenue

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